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We have previously hosted lectures, meetings, discussions and networking events with senior leaders from all branches of the life science industry, including early-stage biotech, large companies, venture capital firms, technology transfer organizations, etc. 

Some of our events:

  • Learning what is data science in biotech and how to become a data scientist

  • A meet & greet with alumni currently active in the biotech industry

  • Hosting Cell Therapy companies and several of their employees in different positions

  • A biotech-exclusive Career Fair

  • Panel discussion on "Opportunities & Challenges of Israeli Biotech industry"

  • Spotlight session on "FutuRx - the biotech accelerator and careers in early-stage biotech".

  • Exploring careers in Management Consulting with McKinsey & Co. 

  • Understanding "Venture Capital in Life Sciences"

  • Information session with Merck Israel. 

Full recordings of some of our online events can be watched here.

A partial list of events please visit our Eventbrite page

Coverage on one of our event on Times of Israel

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