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If you are an AI enthusiast with a drive to advance drug discovery, this event is for you!

AION labs are spearheading AI-based breakthroughs in the drug discovery landscape.

Every year, they map the most burning challenges of the pharma industry, and build bootcamps to solve them. 

In addition to learning about this year's first exciting challenge, we'll explore the potential of AI/ML in drug discovery.

The talks will be followed by a discussion panel with AION labs startups, and we'll finish off with beer, food and networking (a great opportunity to find partners for the AION challenge!)

*** You do not need to have a computational background to join!***


FemTech - March 2024

Thank you to our wonderful speakers Avital Beck, Emmanuelle Lipski and Inbal Zafir-Lavie for sharing their unique perspectives on FemTech, entrepreneurship, and navigating the Biotech industry as a woman.

A few key take-aways from the event:

1. Many investors still consider FemTech as a niche, even though it targets 50% of the world population. It is therefore unsurprising that 70% of FemTech is led by women.

2. Only in 1993 did it become compulsory for clinical trials to include women, creating a major gap in data on women's health. Bridging this gap is both a challenge and a business opportunity.

3. Breastmilk and vaginal discharge contain many secrets. Their analysis could unlock invaluable information, including on "invisible diseases" such as ovarian cancer.

4. There is no objective limit to how many children one can have while still enthusiastically developing one's career

5. The first year of a new job could be the best time to come up with original "out-of-the-company's-box" ideas.


We have previously hosted lectures, meetings, discussions and networking events with senior leaders from all branches of the life science industry, including early-stage biotech, large companies, venture capital firms, technology transfer organizations, etc. 

Some of our events:

  • Learning what is data science in biotech and how to become a data scientist

  • A meet & greet with alumni currently active in the biotech industry

  • Hosting Cell Therapy companies and several of their employees in different positions

  • A biotech-exclusive Career Fair

  • Panel discussion on "Opportunities & Challenges of Israeli Biotech industry"

  • Spotlight session on "FutuRx - the biotech accelerator and careers in early-stage biotech".

  • Exploring careers in Management Consulting with McKinsey & Co. 

  • Understanding "Venture Capital in Life Sciences"

  • Information session with Merck Israel. 

Full recordings of some of our online events can be watched here.

A partial list of events please visit our Eventbrite page

Coverage on one of our event on Times of Israel

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